About Us

What is “Evmikna?”

“Evmikna” is a combination of our three daughter’s names: ÈVA, MIKAYLA, and JENNA. They are “up and coming” graphics/website designers. They love to play with illustration programs and are learning how to build websites.

It was our goal to start this business for them. We thought, “By the time they reach college age, they will have a business that will help them through college.” Well…Barry had to quit working with his father’s insulation business and pursue website design/SEO full-time.

Our training in hand calligraphy predates the computer graphics world (early 1980s). Our computer design work (graphics and desktop publishing) began in 1990. Our educational background includes graphics design, desktop publishing, calligraphy, typography and research. We have strong proof reading skills. Combined, these make for easy-to-read publications, distinctive logos and attractive projects.

Our philosophy and work ethic We believe that a designer should provide multiple designs to find out what the buyer wants. It is at that point that the work has only begun. Ninety percent of the work is done in the final preparation of graphics. We will patiently and energetically work until your project matches or exceeds your desires.

Our hours We are available anytime between 8:30 am to 10pm.

Our credentials Barry L Pendley, B.A., M.Div. Various computer courses and hand calligraphy, extensive research and writing, independent studies in desktop publishing (long documents, posters, flyers, books and corporate identity)