“My site is on the top of the first page of Google!”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a familiar phrase to most people. However, most people know exactly what it is. Everyone wants their website to appear at the top of Google, Yahoo and Live. SEO is simply the task of getting websites there.

There are hundreds of factors that a webmaster needs to do and employ for a website to rank well and stay at the top of the search engines. SEO can be a bit pricey, but it does not need to be so. The goal of SEO is to provide a greater return on the money invested. We customize SEO packages to fit your budget and we will develop a strategy so you can achieve this return.

Studies show that between 85% to 90% of all web site traffic comes from the search engines and directories. Just because your site is listed in the search engines does not mean that your potential customers will find it. You must tell the search engines how you want your site to be found, not that it merely exists.

The work of Search Engine Optimization is both a scientific and artistic task. It is scientific in that certain search engine routines rely on coding and features that include keywords, descriptions, and content to position your site. It is an art that requires correctly identifying your target group and writing content that is broad enough to be thought of by the searcher, yet specific enough to make your site stand above other sites that contain similar descriptions.

This is what our customers are saying about the Search Engine Optimization services we provide. That is what we want you to say. Though we cannot guarantee position placement on the search engines, top placement is our goal. We have and continue to achieve this goal with our websites due to careful attention to Search Engine Optimization strategies. The technical name for this aspect of web development is called Search Engine Optimization and Positioning (SEO).


Evmikna Graphics includes basic Search Engine Optimization in its website development packages.

Getting to the top of of search engines involves many different tasks. We pay attention to search engine friendly layout and design, appropriate keyword choice, content writing and highly descriptive titles. With our services, you will get a website that conforms to the best web standards from the start.

Evmikna Graphics can help you with your your existing site.

Do you have a nice website but cannot find it on the search engines with your preferred keywords? We have helped many bring their websites into great positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our experience is that websites designed by national firms Ask us for a website analysis. We charge a small fee for performing a complete analysis of your current placement, design issues and suggested plan. If you choose to have us optimize your site, we will not charge you for the analysis.

We work well on the local level as well as world-wide terms.

Optimizing your website for highly competitive keywords can be challenging. We have experience with these kind of keywords. For example, in a couple of months, we helped an electric motor company gain high position and tremendous traffic in a couple of months. An insulation contractor in Michigan now enjoys high keyword ranking, even ranking higher than his manufacturers! One of our newest clients, a real estate investor has high rankings within one month. It does not always take a long to gain high positioning. It takes creative techniques that we have successfully mastered and continually refine as search engines change their positioning algorithms.