Our Website Development

What We Do for Your Website

Developing websites involves more than simply designing a page and publishing it to a site. We carefully and meticulously develop your site so that it will not only look sharp, but it will get results:

What You See….

We create graphic intensive sites that load quickly. People want fast loading websites. Did you know that search engines also want fast loading sites?

We write keyword-rich content. We will help you write content that gives all the information you want your visitors to know. Writing for websites is different than any other form of writing. It needs to use keywords and phrases that search engines use. We find that many website developers give little or no attention to these details. However, these are probably your most important elements of your website. Search engines need content.

What You Don’t See…

Our websites are as error-free in the coding as possible. Search engine robots are programs that need easy-to-navigate websites. They don’t care if your website has interesting colors and images. They sift through your site’s content and gather information. Our design and layout approach makes your content the most important factor for the robots.

We seek the best ranking keywords. Not all keywords are created equal. They are like parcels of land. They may look good, but do they perk? That is, will they actually bring results? We will help you find niche keywords that perform well.

We track the traffic. Simply putting a "hit counter" at the bottom of your page will tell you very little about the traffic you are receiving. In fact, they are misleading. They can be manipulated and do not tell you where the traffic coming from? What keywords are people typing in to find you? How many pages have they visited and what is your most popular content? Yes! We tell you all of that in periodical reports that we send out.

We build authority in your site. If no one links to your website, then it must not be very credible. At least that is how the search engines interpret things. If you have no links, the search engines will drop you. We do not submit your site to search engines telling them "Here is our website." Rather, our approach is to find other websites that link to yours telling the search engines "This is an important site, important enough for us to link to it!"

What You Get With Your Website!

You will get a website that meets or exceeds your design expectations. Also, you will get a website that performs. There is nothing more frustrating than having a nice website that cannot be found. While we cannot make any guarantees about your website’s ranking on search engines, our experience is that the search engines find your website and start to include your pages within a week. If you have an existing website we can help you get results soon! We are professional website developers and search engine experts. Let us help you get the most return out of your investment!

What They Got With Their Website!

Dr. Susanne Garber, Michigan State University: Evmikna Graphics has been an excellent company to work with.  The service, support, and advice is sure to increase the traffic our website will receive. I’ve found an ease in the presentation of ideas and visa versa.  I believe that the company reflects the quality and service that meets and exceeds the expectations of the Michigan State University Community Music School.
Hillwood Maples, Davison, Michigan Barry at EVMIKNA graphics designed my web site very quickly and at a very reasonable price. Within the same month I had a customer email me through the link on my site to set up an appointmentd to meet. They came over and tagged two trees for fall planting. That first sale paid for my web design work. I can’t say enough about Barry’s work.
Dr. David Stone, Stone Chiropractic, Davison, Michigan:“If Engineers were to design the greatest Yo-Yo on the market but no one knows about it, what good is it?”  “If you’re the greatest doctor in the world but nobody knows about you, what good are you to people?”  These are two quotes I store in the back of my “business” mind to continually remind me the importance of exposure, hopefully you have similar quotes. Why is it in our early days of website we overwhelmingly focus on design and pay minuscule attention to exposure?  I have a theory; “Designers, design!”.  They haven’t done their homework and because of their own laziness mislead you to believe that it takes “big money” for exposure. I met Barry and immediately became disgusted with designers I had previously spoke with.  I do not respect a designer who neglects, what should be a dominant portion of their business, so that they can take my money and focus on a less important function that fits their needs and comfort level.  Barry has done his homework.  Not only will he design an exceptional website but most importantly his creativity, and not your “big money”, will get you optimal exposure.  His creative manipulation makes him a pioneer and “The King of Website Exposure”.  I, as a single Michigan chiropractor, have better Website exposure on all major search engines than national chiropractic associations, state chiropractic associations, chiropractic schools, top chiropractic retailers, etc. Although I am ecstatic about this I am also extremely appalled at the rest of the website design world.  Other designers should get out of their comfort zone, do their homework, and start providing the actual more important function of their service.