Website Development for USA Therapy Dogs in Lapeer, Michigan

logoUSA Therapy Dogs is a not-for-profit organization in Lapeer, Michigan which needed a website upgrade. Their concern was that the website have…

  • Excellent security. They had a history of website hacking which caused their website to be down for considerable lengths of time.
  • Simple editing platform. We recommended they use WordPress which is very easy to update and modify.
  • Event details that were accessible to only members.

WordPress, which is the basis of this website as well, requires a development company that is skilled in security. While WordPress, typically, is not the first place to turn when excellent security is required, we have plenty of experience and knowledge to prevent catastrophes.


I am extremely pleased with the website Barry Pendley created for our organization, USA Therapy Dogs, Before finding Barry in March 2014 our website was hacked continuously to the point it needed to be shut down to a “bare-bones” site. I researched and interviewed several website designers and was disappointed quite often with the lack of enthusiasm and non-responsiveness. When I did find Mr. Pendley, he personally answered the phone and I told him of our dilemma, he was able to look into the makeshift website we did have and immediately offered to design a temporary site for people who were searching for therapy dog information, he did this at no cost to USA Therapy Dogs. Within 3 days USA Therapy Dogs had a temporary website up and searchers knew to come back and search again in “x” amount of time for detailed information. From the time I interviewed Barry to the time USA TD was up and running live on the web was less than eight weeks. He is dedicated and diligent.

Barry was and still is willing to help out; he answers his phone when I call without having to go through a long list of menu items, he is trustworthy and always very pleasant. He communicates well and explains every bit of the website development process so it was easy to understand. Also, there were no hidden costs. I would recommend Barry to any organization or business who wants to deal with a real person and sincerely cares about the websites he designs.
Sincerely,  Diane Noblett